66: Thank You, Steven

September 15, 2022

John is in the fanzine lounge, Alison is under a bison hat, and Liz is good, thank you.

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Content warnings this episode: None

  • We talked to the following people!
  • Credits
    • Cover art: “Hugo Reception”
      • Alt text: A purple square with “OCTOTHORPE 66” written at the bottom and inset, a photograph of John, Alison, and Liz. John is wearing a grey suit with a Hugo Award finalist pin and a matching purple tie and mask; Alison is wearing a black mask, a burgundy dress, a tiara by Sara Felix, and has glitter on her temple; and Liz is wearing a green dress and matching mask, a necklace by Vanessa Applegate, and a yellow shrug. They are against a backdrop which has alternating Hugo Award logos and Chicon 8 logos.
    • Theme music: “Fanfare for Space” by Kevin MacLeod (CC BY 4.0)

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