28: Literally the Best Thing You’ve Ever Said About Me

April 1, 2021

John is communicating, Alison’s head is spinning, and Liz is a programme operator.

Please email your letters of comment to octothorpecast@gmail.com and use #OctothorpeCast or tag @OctothorpeCast when you post about the show on social media.

  • Letters of comment

    • Claire Brialey
    • Chris Garcia
    • Mark Plummer
  • Confusion 2021
    • Fan Fund Auction (7pm-9pm Sunday)

      • There will be some cool things like unique dice and one of Esther’s shawls, and there is probably just time to donate something if you would like to (get in touch with Alison).
      • One of the items will be “Make the Octothorpe cast say whatever you want as long as it’s under a minute long (we get a veto on grounds of taste, offensiveness and legality)” – thanks to Crazy Dave for the idea!
    • Octothorpe Live! (10am on Monday)
      • We will read your minute-long thing LIVE AT EASTERCON.
    • Volunteering
      • Alison and John are volunteering on newsletter. Watch out for the newsletter (Happy Daze) being published daily and distributed around the con and on the smeeds.
      • Liz is on programme ops.
    • Programme items
      • Beer/cider
      • Baking
      • The Dark Room
      • Alison is on panels about bad technology where she’s going to tell you that the solution is to stop buying non-Apple products; and on pandemic pastimes
      • John on panels about games and Star Wars, and moderating a panel about AI
    • Liz is in the bar
    • Alex Storer is providing “design and music” for Confusion’s Gather.town environment
  • Eastercon 2022
    • Phil Dyson will be telling all at Confusion
  • Eastercon 2023
    • There have been some whispers since we recorded but we don’t know anything
  • Eastercon 2024
    • John is heading up their communications
  • First Thursday Facebook group
  • Alison went to Gillian’s Passover Seder
  • The seven words you can’t say on television (of which I bleeped five and hope we don’t get arrested)
  • Music credits

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