#10: We’re Gonna Turn the Virus Off for an Hour

July 22, 2020

John is channelling Ian Sorensen, Alison is on Sydney time, and Liz has written a poem.

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Liz’s limerick

  • The poems of Croydon fan Plummer,
  • Entertain Octothorpe for the summer.
  • Though his rhymes are first class,
  • They’re too rude to broadcast,
  • Which is really a bit of a bummer.

Mark’s triptych

  • Doctor John the boy Coxon
  • Didn’t notice several LOCs on
  • Octothorpe because he hadn’t checked
  • And thus he failed to Mark protect
  • Liz Batty (also Doctor)
  • Didn’t know so many people had LOCced her
  • Octothorpe’s a fannish gestalt
  • But in this respect it’s all John’s fault
  • GUFF winner Alison Scott
  • Has several Novas and she has also got
  • Two Hugos for the fanzine Plokta
  • But unlike John and Liz she’s [Fremulon] not a doctor

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